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Professional Teeth Whitening in Oaklyn

Teeth that are discolored or yellowing may be dramatically whitened by a fast and safe professional teeth whitening procedure by your dentist. Most in-office visits can make teeth up to ten shades whiter in one visit. The popularity of this procedure has created advanced technology that provides remarkable results in very little time. Learn more about Teeth Whitening Oaklyn from your dentist.

Begin with an Examination

Ensure your mouth is healthy before purchasing a teeth whitening kit or system. The gums must be examined by a General Dentistfor signs of irritation or inflammation that may be affected by a bleaching or whitening solution. Teeth with loose-fitting fillings may experience painful nerve exposure and a burning sensation during whitening. Broken or chipped teeth may also be affected by the whitening process. Ensure your teeth are intact and gums are healthy before choosing a method for an improved bright smile.

Store Brand Teeth Whitening Kits

Over the counter teeth whitening kits and solutions have various affects on teeth and may damage the enamel with harsh abrasives. If you have replacement teeth from crowns, veneers or other dental materials, whitening or bleaching may actually cause a permanent dark discoloration to the dental work and may need replacement. Ensure a healthy whitening experience and protect your investment with Teeth Whitening Oaklyn procedures supervised by a dentist.

Bleaching vs. Whitening

Whitening is defined as the restoration of the tooth to its natural color. Solutions that remove the dirt and stains on teeth from food and beverages are considered whitening agents. Bleaching, however, is a process that whitens teeth beyond their natural color. Bleaching is performed by a qualified dentist with safe and professional results. In-house bleaching may be performed or your dentist may provide a bleaching kit for you to use in the home.

Brighten Your Smile: Teeth Whitening Oaklyn

Only your dentist can provide the bright white smile you desire in a safe and effective manner. With a thorough dental exam, your dentist can apply the advanced technology of whitening your teeth in a fast and easy manner. Protect your teeth and your investment and trust the knowledge and resources of your knowledgeable dentist.

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