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The Health and Safety of a Clean Carpet

In Charlotte carpet cleaning is a professional service offered by highly trained service men and women who clean domestic and industrial carpets in businesses and homes. Many carpet cleaning businesses now offer organic methods of cleaning that eliminate the use of as many chemicals as possible. People are becoming far more conscious of the amount of man-made chemicals in the materials we handle and are trying to help the planet by reducing those chemicals when and where possible. Modern carpet cleaning methods include ‘organic’ cleaning, which uses moisture control to manually remove dirt without the use of water pressure. This method offers a deeper cleaning process and leaves the carpet dry instead of damp—which in turn prevents moisture breeding mildew and other spores.

Carpets and Rugs and Cleaning

Area rugs tend to attract some serious dirt because of foot traffic constantly running over them. Carpets do suffer too, but they tend to have their dirt distributed on a slightly more even basis than rugs because rugs are smaller. What you might have noticed about your own carpets is that the dirt residue will follow a pattern of where the feet tend to tread, for instance, from the front door to the lounge and perhaps onward to a favorite chair or sofa.

Rugs on the other hand tend to pick up grime from passing traffic, such as a person stopping to take off their shoes. They will be subject to the same dirt but in a different way. Rugs tend to get more spots and stains on them too, because carpets are usually covered with area rugs to protect the carpet. However, if you have ever lifted and area rug up off a carpet you will probably have noticed a change in the color from the carpet covered by the rug and that which is not. This is one reason why a homeowner might want their entire rugs and carpets cleaned, to create a uniform cleanliness around the entire home. Pets are one of the most common causes of carpet and rug wear and tear. Pets are hard on carpets, with their rolling around, scratching, pulling, skidding and clawing they can reduce the life of a carpet by at least half of its expectancy.

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