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The advantages of gummy implants

Of course the term is slang but it would be hard to find descriptive words other than “gummy bear” to describe the newest breast implants available in the United States. Now that gummy implants are available this brings to three implants on the market, the other two being silicone shells filled with a saline solution and silicone shells filled with silicone gel. Gummy implants have advantages over the other two, let’s have a look.


Because of the cohesive gel the gummy implants hold their shape better than either saline or silicone gel, and they do it for a much longer time. They have the tendency to maintain their original shape as the cohesive gel is not subject to the laws of gravity.

Folds and ripples:

It is a concern with early implants that the filler material will shift inside the shell and eventually show up as folds and ripples which are detrimental to the smooth surface of the breast. This is not the case with gummy bear implants, the chemistry of the filler makes it highly unlikely that it will collapse or that unsightly folds and ripples will occur.

Leak free:

Breast implants can leak, most remain intact for may be 10 years but then they will age and leaks can occur. A saline filled shell can completely deflate on the spot or it may take a few days, a gel implant may leak and the only way to tell is with an MRI. Gummy implants are less likely to leak for a couple of reasons; first, leakage usually occurs along fold lines, gummy bear implants tend not to develop folds and secondly, the cohesive gel is a solid and not a liquid, it can be cut with a knife and not leak from the shell.

Saline and gel implants are impacted by gravity as the filling is either liquid or semi-liquid. Over time the shell contents migrate to the bottom and the shape then becomes what gravity wants it to be, not the way the woman had intended. Gummy implants use a cohesive gel which is a solid rather than a liquid and it is not affected by gravity.

The filler material cannot shift; therefore it cannot fold or ripple. Because the shell does not deform, the possibility of failure is considerably less.

Gummy implants are now approved for use in the United States although they have been in use in Europe and Canada for some years. They have been proven to be superior to other types and are available from Michael A. Fiorillo, MD.