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Overcome Anger Issues by Listening to God

Anger can eat away at you when suppressed and can destroy lives when allowed to be released. If you are suffering from anger issues it is very important to seek help as soon as possible in order to live a more fulfilling life and stop hurting the ones you love. Listening to God is one of the best ways to learn to manage your anger.

Why are you Angry?

If you cannot understand why you are angry sometimes it helps to ask God. When you open your heart to hear his answer you will find out what is at the root of your anger. Do not stop praying and asking for enlightenment as the deeper your prayer the more you will learn to know yourself. You may be angry due to a difficult childhood, because you have had a bad relationship or because you have experienced bullying or abuse in your life. There are so many things that could have happened in your life that has led to your anger. However if you are able to listen to God you will be able to learn to overcome your anger.

Blind Rage

Anger can blind you from seeing the path God would like you to follow. It can blind you from seeing happiness and even from seeing love when it is standing right in front of you. Whether that love is from family, a spouse or from God, when you are open to listening to God you will be able to see love around you and use love to learn how to let go of your anger.

Request Personal Prophecy

If you are unable to get past your anger you can consider a request for personal prophecy. A personal prophecy has a message specific to you from God. You can seek answers to all of the challenges you might face in life. However it is important to recognize you have anger issues in order to seek help to resolve them. If you are prone to violence, outbursts of shouting and find you lack patience with the simplest of disappointments you probably have anger issues. If you request a personal prophecy you can seek help to learn how to manage your anger so you can stop pushing away those you love.

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