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Who Can Sell A Junk Car In Joliet?

There are two sides to every deal, the person who will sell a junk car in Joliet and the person who will buy it. The characters that I come to mind as junk car buyers are the Blues Brothers who, in their hilarious movies drove a Ford Crown Victoria that at one time was police car and you bet they either stole it or bought it from a junk dealer.

People who sell a junk car in Joliet are not just private citizens who have an old clunker rusting away in their driveway. Sooner or later every vehicle ever produced sees the end of its useful life, but useful to who? In the case of Elwood and Jake it was the cop car but fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, taxis they all sooner or later are disposed of.

Many vehicles that are said to be past their prime in first world countries are as good as new in third world countries who have little or nothing. Many specialized vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances rapidly get outdated because of the introduction of new and exciting new life saving apparatus. At times the new equipment can be retrofitted into an existing unit, at other times it cannot and the vehicle is passed on to those who sell junk cars in Joliet. At other times the local government units will make this equipment available to sister cities that they have in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world which have little or nothing. A lot of used vehicles are donated Government to Government through the various AID programs that are in effect.

Other ways to sell a junk car in Joliet is to sell it to a dealer who refurbishes it and sells it on in bulk to counties where cars are difficult to come by and expensive. Junk dealers in Hong Kong purchase thousands of taxis every year that look as good as the day they were bought but have more miles on them than allowed by the authorities. They are sold in bulk to neighboring countries such as Cambodia where they see many more years of service.

Anybody or any organization can sell a junk car in Joliet as long as they have the title or a document holding the buyer free of any liability. The police department may sell off surplus cars at auction, there are also car auctions held almost weekly where units that have been in rental car fleets are auctioned off. If you own the car you can sell it, no matter who or what you are.

When you sell a junk car in Joliet it may only be junk to you but to others it can been seen as a gold mine or as a potential gift of life if it ends up in a third world environment.

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