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Used Car Parts from the Auto Wrecker in Joliet

Once a car, truck or van has been wrecked beyond repair or simply decommissioned, it will end up at the auto wrecker in Joliet where it will be stripped of any useable parts. The used parts are used in the repair of a similar vehicle and what’s left is recycled.

A recycling center is called a scrap yard, it buys from the auto wrecker in Joliet, process it and sell it for recycling. The common materials culled for recycling are all found in a car and include steel, iron, copper, aluminum, lead etc. The scrap yard will also accept junk from sources other than the auto wrecker in Joliet; they buy scrap appliances, electronics, scrap copper cable and more. Whatever can be recycled for further use invariably begins it metamorphous in the scrap yard.

The auto wrecker in Joliet will at times be the place where junk cars are taken and the usable parts stripped for resale purposes or it may also combine both functions and be a scrap recycling center as well. At other times the recycling center is a standalone business simply receiving scrap material for recycling.

Although the vehicle is no longer in a condition to drive, there are still many parts which can be resold for repair or replacement purposes. If the car is reasonably new and was totaled in a wreck it may have a complete drive train including the engine, transmission, drive shaft and rear end intact. Items which are not part of the running gear are often resold; windshields, dash gauges, interior components and much more are stripped by the auto wrecker in Joliet and kept as a resale item. As the vehicles arrive at the scrap yard they are inventoried, a list of usable parts is made and the wrecks are stacked one on another in the yard. Once the parts that can be resold are removed, the body is crushed for recycling on-site or shipped to a central processor. Most auto wreckers are computerized and can supply almost every part when the request is made.

Many scrap yards are co-operating in recent years mainly thanks to the internet. An auto wrecker in Joliet can become part of a statewide or even nationwide group of similar scrap yards who pool their inventory. When a request for a part is made to the auto wrecker in Joliet and the part is not available, the data base maintained of all the parts from all the franchisees can be searched, the part located and sent to wherever the buyer wants it.

Many auto parts are purchased from an auto wrecker in Joliet for the sole purpose of rebuilding for resale. When a part is rebuilt, new components will be installed and the finished assembly comes close to being as good as new.

If you have a junk car you want to dispose of, call Junk My Car USA. Many auto parts are purchased from an auto wrecker in Joliet for the sole purpose of rebuilding for resale. We offer same day service and cash on the spot, you can clean up your driveway and have spare cash as well.