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Mechanics in Puyallup WA Give Common Sense Tips for Ladies

Ladies, there are a lot of simple and common sense things about your car that the mechanics in Puyallup WA would like to bring to your attention. These tips can save you from having problems on the road when the aggravation and time can really come into play.

If your car overheats: If the air conditioning is on turn it off immediately and turns the heater on full tilt. Try to coast to a stop off the side of the road, and never ever attempt to remove the radiator cap on an engine that is overheating. If you are idling for more than a couple of minutes put your car into neutral.

Tires: get in the habit of walking around your car and looking at the tires. You do not have to know what the pressure is but if you see a tire that appears to be lower than the others get it checked immediately. There is no reason to let a tire get low if you have the pressure checked when you get fuel, your tires will last longer when they are inflated properly. If the car feels as if it’s pulling to the left or right it could mean that a tire is going flat. This is a warning signal and it should not be ignored, it could be ready to blow out.

Battery and cables: The mechanics in Puyallup WA are best suited for this task but you can do it yourself. Open the hood and see if the terminals on your battery have turned green and fuzzy looking. This is corrosion and can stop your car dead as it inhibits the flow of current. An interim fix is to pour a can of cola on the terminals, this will often clean them. If they are still corroded you will need to remove the cables from the battery and scrub them with a wire brush. If you have a battery that needs maintenance, make sure you top it off with distilled water, not tap water.

Brakes: if you drive through a deep puddle the brakes can get wet. To dry them apply the brakes while accelerating slowly at the same time, this will dry them. If your brakes get hot from constant use like driving down a steep hill you will smell them. Pull over to the side of the road and give the brakes time to cool. You can possibly avoid this by going down the hill in a lower gear and avoid use of the brakes.

Smell is one of the keys to trouble. Any odd odor such as burn trash, hot oil, exhaust fumes, burning plastic or rubber is a sure give away of trouble.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own checks then let the professional mechanics at Apex Brake & Muffler in Puyallup WA do the work for you, they are all certified and they can maintain your car as well as repair it when necessary.