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Learn Your Options With a Miami Dade Criminal Lawyer

When you need legal representation in Miami, there are hundreds of attorneys in the area that will fight for your attention. If you are dealing with criminal charges, it is essential that you know your options and get an experienced Miami Dade criminal lawyer to present you from the very beginning. Your criminal lawyer can have a major impact on the outcome of your case and can ultimately be the deciding factor on whether you face jail time or walk away free and clear. Before you step foot in a courtroom or even talk to police involved in the investigation, you need to know your rights and consider the options.

If you don’t already have a Miami Dade criminal lawyer, the court will assign you one of the public defense attorneys. This is a risky situation because these attorneys usually carry heavy case loads and they don’t specialize in one particular crime. If you are facing a truly serious criminal charge, do everything you can to secure your own private criminal lawyer. You will receive better legal counsel and more focused attention for your case. You can also find a Miami Dade criminal lawyer who specializes in the charges you are facing, which increases your odds of a positive outcome.

If you have been charged for a crime you didn’t commit, it is essential that you have the best attorney at your side to prove you are innocent. You need an attorney with a proven track record who can successfully convince a jury that you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. If an attorney can place even a seed of doubt in the jury’s mind, you will get a “not guilty” verdict. Florida law protects individuals as innocent until they are proven guilty. If there is even a tiny bit of doubt that you are guilty, it isn’t enough proof to put you behind bars. You need an excellent attorney who knows how to work the jury in your favor.

What if you are guilty of the crime? If you are facing charges for a mistake you made, it doesn’t mean you have to go down in flames without putting up a fight. A good Miami Dade criminal defense lawyer is important in this situation too. The attorney can work with the court to find an alternative sentence that is suitable for your crime. Perhaps you committed a crime while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your attorney could negotiate a reduced sentence that allows you to spend time in rehab instead of going to jail.

Whether you are guilty or not guilty, hiring the right Miami Dade criminal lawyer can be the deciding factor in your case. Find the best representation at Website URL.