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Finding the Right Cocktail Lounge in North Beach

North Beach is known for bars that are more along the lines of sports bars or even what some people consider dive bars. These are the bars the locals hang out at, and everyone knows everyone else around the bar. If you are traveling to North Beach, do not be discouraged; you will be able to find a cocktail lounge in North Beach that is exciting, fun and completely opposite of what you would expect in a sports bar, allowing you and your traveling party to have a great time on vacation.


Among the lounges in San Francisco, you will find those that serve bubbly champagne and fancy appetizers. At these locations, you should expect to find luxurious velvet or leather couches, fancy chandeliers and an upscale feeling around the entire bar. Most people dress fancy when they attend these bars and enjoy a quiet evening with a loved one or friends.


Among the bars in North Beach, you will find several wine bars. At these locations, you can both sit and sip on many types of wines, having your own wine tasting with friends or a loved one, or you can sit down and have a full meal with your wine. If you are spending the evening simply sipping wines, many establishments offer delectable cheese platters with their wine.


The eclectic cocktail lounge in North Beach provides the perfect mixture of any bar into one. You will feel the relaxed yet exciting atmosphere when you enter the room. Many lounges have dance floors and offer live music on different days of the week. You will find unique concoctions that are delicious and native only to that location, as well as fresh foods to dine on. Many of the lounges offer happy hour specials and theme nights with the appropriate live music playing in the background.

When you head to North Beach, you will have a variety of bars or lounges to choose from to spend your evenings. You can spend each night at a different type of bar or you can choose one type of cocktail lounge in North Beach and spend all your evenings there. However you decide to do it, you are bound to have a wonderful time drinking, dancing, eating and enjoying the beautiful sites San Francisco has to offer tourists and its locals.

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