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Choosing the right Bankruptcy Attorney for your case

The majority of Americans are in a particular type of debt. Some are able to keep their bills and payments under control while others are piled under large stacks of paper. Breathing can be difficult when you are failing at keeping your creditors at bay. Phone calls day and night and barely being able to pay your regular bills let alone your credit cards can be a major strain on you as well as your family. Declaring bankruptcy is the final step to becoming debt-free before you completely sink into the hole. You can go through it alone, file the paper work and pay the court costs. However, hiring a Burbank bankruptcy lawyer can keep you from having unnecessary stress.

The law can be difficult to understand. What is the difference between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy? What do exemptions mean and how can you use them? Will you ever be able to receive a credit card, buy a house or purchase a car again? Will family and friends find out about the bankruptcy? An attorney can answer all of these questions and any others that you have in mind within the first meeting. Often lawyers give free or low-cost consultations. During this meeting you can find out exactly how a bankruptcy lawyer can help you and what out-of-pocket expenses you must spend for. How do you choose the right one?

  • Seek out a law firm that has experienced attorneys that specialize in bankruptcy cases. Before contacting the office, do a little home research. This may include finding reviews of the firm or looking up the attorney bar in your state. Find if the lawyers are well educated and knowledgably in their field.
  • When you contact the lawyer, ask direct questions. Ask for information such as the number of cases they take on in one year compared to the amount they actually win. Ask attorneys how long they have been dealing with bankruptcy and their credentials. Having the knowledge of their experience will assist you in making a well informed decision.
  • Paying for a consultation does not automatically mean that this Burbank bankruptcy lawyer is the best solution. Consider both sides of the spectrum before making your final decision. Some attorneys feel that paying for a consultation is unethical, while others may think that they can receive more business if they do not ask for a fee.
  • When you find the lawyer you want to hire, the final agreement is important. Ask for a clarified term agreement, which means everything you agreed on should be spelled out. Additionally, the bankruptcy is not the end of the contact. Helping to rebuild and establish your credit reports is a necessity for your long-term goals.

Deciding upon the correct Burbank bankruptcy lawyer is vital for your success. There are little tidbits in the law that you may not be aware of that could save you tons of money. Do not be afraid to fire your lawyer if you feel that they are not doing the best possible job for your case.

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