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Understanding The Importance of Workers Comp With A Workers Compensation Lawyer in PA

Running a business with a large number of employees can be tough. Employers have a lot of responsibility to see to. Not only do you have to worry about how your business is being operated, but you also have to worry about who’s operating it. This means making sure your employees are doing their job, and that they’re being taken care of. This is where workers compensation comes in.

So, what is workers comp? Workers compensation is basically a type of insurance a business has for its employees. This insurance is meant to protect employees in case they’re injured on the job. For instance, let’s say a worker is operating on a construction site, and it just so happens they’re accidentally injured by a piece of machinery. The injuries are so severe that they have to receive surgery and rehabilitation. This can leave the employee with a hefty hospital bill. Thankfully, instead of bearing the responsibility of paying these bills, workers compensation will cover all costs.

Workers compensation can benefit both the employee and the employer. Looking at the previous example, let’s say the employer didn’t have workers comp. If the employee is injured on the job, the employer is negligent for these injuries. Without insurance the employee may have a right to sue for a substantial amount of money. This could financially ruin the employer and their business. Workers compensation helps to protect employers from having to pay large settlements out-of-pocket. With insurance, the employee can get the treatment they need, and the employer protects the business from having to pay anything.

Although workers comp is great for employers and employees, it’s not something that can always be used. An employee’s injuries can only be covered by workers comp if the employee was not negligent for their injuries. For instance, if an employee injures herself on the job because she was drunk, her damages won’t be covered by the insurance. This is also true for workers who were injured by horse playing, fighting, or being unreasonably careless. For more legal consultation on this subject you should speak with a Workers compensation lawyer in PA. They should be able to explain the many nuances of workers comp.

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