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Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Traffic

Riding a motorcycle is statistically more dangerous than driving a car. Injuries to motorcycle riders are often more severe due to the fact that they have nothing but clothing, or sometimes just flesh, between them and the asphalt. A motorcycle rider’s body can be projected hundreds of feet, crushed, hit by other vehicles, or even dragged along the roadway resulting in many severe injuries and broken bones. Survivors in Texas are no strangers to the services that an Austin motorcycle accidentlawyer can offer.

Most of the fatalities caused by motorcycle accidents occur when the rider’s right-of-way is obstructed by a car that pulls out in front of the bike due to the driver not seeing the motorcycle’s approach. Other kinds of accidents can also occur in heavy traffic, often the fault of other drivers. Motorcycle riders must take precautions and drive defensively by keeping track of several factors at once. Some of the best motorcycle safety tips include the following:

  1. Be ready to brake. Someone is likely to pull out in front of you because you are harder to see and they are not paying attention. Keep at least a finger on the brake lever and be prepared to move your right foot to brake at any time.
  2. Watch for cues from drivers. Wherever a driver looks usually can tell you what they are planning. If there is a guy in the next lane over who looks sharply at the Dunkin Donuts just ahead, there is a real chance he is about to pull in front of you to go get his fix. Nearly every Austin motorcycle accident lawyer has had this situation show up in court at one time or another.
  3. Keep scanning your space. Don’t limit yourself to knowing what’s in front of you or behind you, but stay aware of your situation all the way around, checking other drivers in other lanes, as well as your own blind spots. Keep possible ways of getting out of hairy situations forming as you ride.
  4. Use your brights. Riding in a lower gear may also be an auditory reminder, as well as give you extra power if you need it.
  5. Wear a helmet. If you do get thrown from your bike and dragged along the asphalt, it is better to be wearing a helmet than not. Many people die who might have survived due to head injuries every year because they were not fully protected while riding.

If an accident leaves you injured due to a car driver’s fault, consult with an Austin motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible in order to ensure you receive full compensation for property and medical expenses.

The Mandelker Law Firm is located in Austin, Texas and committed to personal representation through limited caseloads, hard work, lower fees, and direct contact with your attorney. Your Austin motorcycle accident lawyer will be dedicated to aggressive representation, integrity, and seeking the maximum recovery allowed by law in each case we take on.