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Making Paint Interesting

Paint is probably the best covering for any wall. The only real downside to paint is that it can look flat if it’s just a single tone over the whole wall. On the bright side, you can paint with some gloss and bright colors if that bothers you. There are ways you can make paint more interesting, one of which is specialized high performance paints which can add texture and pattern to a wall. Other options include dry brushing techniques to add texture to the paint, as well as layered sponging techniques and stencils. One final option is dry erase wall covering which would allow you to turn your wall into a work surface or for decoration. Each option has benefits and costs. To break down the strengths of each we’ll use a few criteria: Cost, DIY ability, and versatility. As to aesthetics, that’s too personal a decision to make a declarative statement on.

Cost: Sponge and dry brush techniques are by far the cheapest as all it requires is an extra bucket or two of paint and art sponges or better/different brushes. For high performance paint and dry erase wall covering the product itself can be a bit pricey, but they rarely require the different supplies. Though, it should be noted that expensive paint costs more than a new brush and some sponges.

DIY Ability: here is where the sponge and dry brush techniques fall flat. Unless you know what you’re doing it can be really difficult to produce the look you want without it leading to frustration and potential do-overs which can add up on the cost of paint. High performance paint will depend on the paint itself: some is best left to professionals to apply some can be applied by the average home owner. Dry erase paint should be mixed by a professional, but can be applied by any home owner with normal tools and materials.

Versatility: How well do these approaches mix with variety of decorating options. Sponge techniques layer multiple colors together to create a pattern-like effect; as such it can be hard to find things that work with multiple colors on the wall. Dry Brush techniques are a bit more versatile as it’s a single textured color, same with high performance paint. Here is where dry erase wall coverings come out supreme though. Since it essentially turns your wall into a dry erase board you can use it to draw on if you want, or just simply to make your wall a more practical area. In a child’s room it allows the kid to control their decoration without doing permanent damage.

Each has a benefit, the dry erase/sponging techniques are cheap but require some painting skill beyond normal high performance paint and dry erase wall covering are expensive, but can really add to the look or use of a room. So if you want more than just paint look into what option works best for you.

Wink’s clear finish turns any paintable surface into dry erase wall covering giving you a place to write, erase, and repeat. Just grab a dry erase marker and start sharing ideas, organizing and creating, everywhere, without the limits of a whiteboard. To learn more about Wink, visit website email info@wallsloveink.com or call 800.632.9465.