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Dealership or Auto Repair Shop in Wylie, TX – Which is Best?

To keep your vehicle in optimal condition, it needs regular maintenance. The maintenance you get varies widely from shop to shop. While many believe that an independent repair shop is more affordable, it’s not always true. In some cases, you may get a better deal or more in-depth services at a dealership. While prices and services vary, you can use this guide to choosing the best auto repair shop in Wylie, TX.

Compare Prices

It’s always wise to compare prices when shopping for anything, and the same applies to auto repairs. Some quick phone calls between dealers and individual shops can help you get a good idea of what you’re looking to pay for regular maintenance. For a more accurate price ask for a print out of what is included in each service and the breakdown of parts, labor and other fees. Often a dealer that sells your specific auto parts will be more affordable. However, a dealership may try to push services on you which are not required.

Check Labor Rates

Be sure to check the labor rates between a dealership or auto repair shop in Wylie, TX. Labor costs may be up at dealerships due to the overall decline of car sales. You may get a better deal if you bought the car at a dealership. Ask for any coupons, promotions or special deals they may have.

Ask if They Use OEM or Aftermarket Parts

Dealerships will typically use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. OEM parts are generally more expensive then aftermarket parts, typically used by auto repair shops in Wylie, TX. Generally, aftermarket parts are fine to use and work well. Not to mention, the price will drastically reduce if you use aftermarket parts vs OEM parts. If you want to use OEM parts but forgo the dealership, you ask that your auto repair shop order them.


It can be hard to put a price on your time, but sometimes it’s worth it. Take into consideration what will be more convenient for you. Think about the distance you will need to travel and how good the customer service is. Some dealers will offer a free loaner car or shuttle.

No matter the cost, choose a mechanic that you can trust. A mechanic that listens well, answers questions and performs top-quality work is always better than a cheaper, unexperienced mechanic.

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