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Austin Accident Lawyers Needed When Lack of Judgment Causes Traffic Fatalities

Accident lawyers in Austin hear stories like this one all the time: A man who was driving down a Texas freeway at night noticed a minivan, going about 65 mph, with small children strapped into the back seat watching movies on two screens hooked up in front of them, their headphones on. Though this typical scene was not cause for alarm, what really shocked other driver was that the driver was also wearing headphones and watching a basketball game on a DVD screen mounted to the dashboard! Outraged, the observant driver matched the minivan’s speed and honked his horn in order to alert the man of the danger. The minivan driver did not notice, and did not even seem to hear him honking his horn. The observant driver took note of the license plate, pulled over, and called the police.

While what happened next is uncertain, there is no doubt that driving while watching basketball on the dashboard is not safe. In fact, drivers exhibit many other types of unsafe behaviors with tragic outcomes that every Austinaccidentlawyer regularly hears while representing clients. One of the most dangerous examples of bad judgment behind the wheel is drinking and driving. Drivers also must be vigilant in avoiding texting on a cell phone, reading while driving, shaving, applying make-up, driving while sleepy, speeding, tail-gating, and weaving in and out of traffic along with a multitude of other dangerous behaviors. Bad accidents are usually the consequences of bad judgment.

Defensive driving is more than just reacting during a crisis situation while on the road. It involves constant awareness of your actions and your environment from moment to moment, especially in heavy traffic or at night. Defensive driving means learning to be attentive and to take responsibility for your own presence in traffic, as well as recognizing potential hazards that may result in a problem or accident. Defensive drivers are a boon for any Austinaccidentlawyer when they witness an accident because they can give very specific details about how the incident occurred. They follow the rules of the road, pay attention to everything around them, and value the safety of themselves and others above the desire to get somewhere as fast as possible.

One may think that such a description of defensive or responsible driving makes it look like a tedious process, and the image of an overly-careful senior citizen who is frightened of traffic to the point of hypervigilance may spring to mind. An Austinaccidentlawyeris likely to see more people over 65 in accidents than younger, middle-aged people. The elderly often drive fearfully due to aging factors, such as slowed reaction time and the deterioration of sight and hearing. One needn’t, however, be a fearful driver, just be a responsible one.

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