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Why Wine Cellar Doors Are Important

Wine Cellar Doors are an important aspect of building a wine room, even though they may seem insignificant. People don’t always think about doors as playing a crucial role in protecting anything, but doors are incredibly vital when it comes to protecting wine. Wine cellars are typically climate controlled to keep the wine at the right temperature, so that it tastes great whenever you want to break open a bottle and have a drink. If you don’t install proper doors, then the wine could get warm and taste bad, which would defeat the purpose of building the wine cellar to keep great tasting wine on hand in the first place. The doors act as a shield, and they should allow for a thermal breakage between the interior of your home and the wine cellar.

Must Have Features for a Wine Cellar Door

Specifications on these doors are given by companies who sell them and by builders who have built wine cellars before and know what is required without having to second guess it. The door will need to be well insulated, or it can be solid core as well depending on your personal preference. If it has any sort of glass in the design, then it will need to be double pane. Weather stripping should be applied at the door jamb, and the bottom of the door should be well sealed, so that no heat penetrates the wine cellar. All doors that are used on wine cellars are typically graded as exterior doors, and this is essential to ensure that heat does not infiltrate the wine room. If the door is properly installed, and if it meets the standard requirements for a wine cellar, then the wine should always be fresh when you are ready for it.

Having a Wine Cellar Door Custom Built

If you aren’t particular about the appearance of the door, then you should be able to find one that is already for sale on the market that you like. Any wine cellar supply company should have a large selection of doors to choose from. If you would prefer that the door be unique, then you can of course have it custom built as well. You will have much more room to play with the design of the door if you have it custom made. Most of these doors are handcrafted, because many people want special shapes and features when they have a door custom built. They often include square shapes, arched features and radius tops that aren’t typically seen in standard rectangular doors. The door style that people usually select will be based on the size of their opening to the room and how the walls are built around the space.

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