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How to Get Veterinary Controlled Medications

You can get veterinary controlled medications and over-the-counter drugs from a veterinary pharmacy. Such a pharmacy would have medications ranging from sterile injectables and ophthalmics to non-sterile topical, oral, and transdermal preparations. These drugs are suited for veterinary patients but sometimes there are things or situations that may prevent an animal from taking the drug being administered. You should find a veterinary pharmacy that specializes in individualized pharmaceutical therapies to address such dosing problems. These places are called compounding pharmacies, and they operate under state and federal regulations. Here, you will be able to get the medication in the right form that you can administer to the animals without any problems.

The compounding pharmacies employ specially trained pharmacists and technicians who know how to mix and alter the compositions of the medications so as to make them palatable for the animals to take. Compounding also makes the drugs easier to administer and the animals will not give you problems. Even the veterinary controlled medications can be compounded before being administered to the animals. You should ensure that you deal with a drug store that mixes its drugs according to FDA guidelines for the same. It is only by dealing with an FDA-approved pharmacy that you can be assured that you are getting drugs that will not harm your animals. The drugs should also be able to treat the condition for which they are being administered.

The veterinary controlled medications can come in the form of liquid, powder, or paste. A specialized vet will know the best form that should be administered to an animal in any case and he/she will advise accordingly. For example, some anti-parasitic medication has to be administered through a trans-dermal patch for them to be effective. The specialized vet will help you in preparing the transdermal patch as required. There are also situations in which human medication has to be administered to animals. In such situations, the composition and dosage are compounded to suit the requirements of the animal in question, and this requires the skills of a highly qualified vet.

If you want to buy the veterinary controlled medications, you will need a prescription for that. This has been made easier by the many companies that sell pet prescription medicine online or over the phone. To ensure that you are getting a genuine dealer, you should pick an online company that has been recommended by your vet or a friend who has dealt with them before. You will first get the prescription from your vet then scan it or fax it to them. You may also be required to input your pet pharmacy’s contact information so that they call to confirm the validity of the prescription that you send them.

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