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Unique Options for Body Piercing in Denver, CO

Body piercing in Denver, CO, is widely available in malls, specialty shops and even big discount stores. The question is what kind of piercing do you want, and do you want the piercing to be installed properly and have a good chance at successfully healing? Today’s options range from the subtle to showpiece and cover – literally – every part of the body. However, always make sure you visit a piercing and tattoo shop that has a good reputation and experienced professionals.

Basic Piercings

A basic piercing involves inserting a piece of jewelry through part of the skin. Some of the most common piercings are for ear lobes. Even babies have the work done. That does not mean all piercings are safe or free from problems. Most exotic jobs need to be handled by a professional body artist to keep you safe and free from problems like infection.

Tongue piercings can be especially problematic to pierce on your own because of the presence of major blood vessels running on the underside of your tongue. While most likely non-life threatening, if you make the wrong move you could bleed excessively and risk a trip to the emergency room.

Basic piercings are not the place to save money on a DIY mission. Find a qualified tattoo and body shop artist to help you with placement and jewelry selection. You can trust a responsible establishment to be able to offer you accurate advice on aftercare and to use sterilized equipment.

Stretching or Gauging

Stretching or “gauging” your piercings has been common throughout human history, but is somewhat new to the commercial body art industry. Instead of a smaller gauge piece of jewelry in an ear lobe or nostril, a different style of jewelry is inserted such as an eyelet or plug. Over time, the hole can be enlarged through a stretching process, allowing for bigger plugs and more impressive pieces of jewelry.

Body piercing in Denver, CO, is greatly influenced by the styles in other major cities, particularly those along the coasts. Gauging originated with indigenous people, similar to limb stretching found in some African tribes. It is very important to have a shop help you with stretching versus using a self-stretching product like silicon plugs or a friend’s assistance. It’s easy to experience a tear or scar tissue.

Dermal Anchors

Becoming more and more popular because of their discrete look and ease of placement are dermal anchors. Dermal anchors are small pieces of jewelry with a threaded stem and a foot which sits underneath the skin. Many jewelry choices may be threaded into the stem such as discs, gems, and spikes. Anchors can be difficult to install properly and should only be done by an experienced professional. However, when done properly and given proper aftercare they can heal nicely and last for many years. It is always best to have an experienced professional install your dermal anchor body piercing in Denver, CO, and to help manage your aftercare to ensure all goes well.

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