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Workers Comp Sycamore IL

Workers’ comp in Sycamore IL is not just for injuries that occur while you are on the job. Today, there are more and more cases of occupational diseases that are a direct result of working conditions and environmental concerns. If you have recently been diagnosed with an occupational related disease, contact a workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible. There are special requirements for the reporting of these types of disease and chronic conditions. Time is of the essence and the paper work can be confusing, and even misleading. Your best chance for success in your workers’ comp claim is to have an attorney advocating for your rights and benefits due to you under the law.

Contingency Fees

Nearly all workers’ comp lawyers charge based on a contingency fee versus hourly rates; this is due to the fact that most employees cannot afford hourly rates and retainers required for negotiation and litigation matters. While the contingency percentage may seem high at initial glance, they are truly the fairest and most ethical way for workers comp attorneys to be paid. You are at no risk of a large legal bill if you lose your case as lawyers that work on a contingency basis only receive money if you win and receive an award.

Benefits Available After A Work Related Injury Or Disease Diagnosis

Workers’ compensation insurance provides for the payment of your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, wage loss, retraining and wage differentials if you are unable to continue in the same position you had before the accident or occupational disease diagnosis. Injuries to your head, neck, back or other extremities can result in your inability to continue the job you have. If your job prior to injury required lifting heavy items, for example, and because of your injury you are no longer able to lift heavy objects, workers’ compensation benefits can include payment to help you be retrained for a less physically demanding position.

Disability Benefits

You may need to file for either temporary or permanent disability benefits depending on the severity of your injury or occupational disease. In those cases, your attorney can help you navigate the laws of workers comp in Sycamore IL and streamline the process. Disability benefits can provide coverage of medical benefits, and lost wages in some cases. It is vital that you have an experienced lawyer on your side fighting for your rights under the law.

Today, more and more employees are being diagnosed with occupational diseases that can adversely affect their quality of life, their ability to financially support themselves, and result in enormous medical bills. Some of the common types of occupational diseases include lead poisoning, radiation poisoning, silicosis, disease of the lungs or respiratory tract, and hearing loss. If you have been recently diagnosed with any occupationally related disease or condition, seek legal representation immediately.

Keep detailed notes of all of your doctor appointments, testing, and symptoms that you experience and provide them to a workers’ comp lawyer in Sycamore IL.