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Ways to Experience Your Vacation in Rome

Most people who take the time to vacation in Rome do so for one of two reasons: the romance of the city or the history of the city. No matter which of these reasons describes your vacation, knowing what you would like to see and do while you are there is important. Whether you are planning the vacation as a surprise for that special someone in your life or you are planning it together, deciding what you will see can help your vacation run more smoothly.

Vatican City

It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or even religious at all, a trip to the Vatican City can be an incredible experience. If you are interested in the religious history of the world, the Church of Saint Cecilia is a definite must-see. Rome is also home to the famous Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo himself. This impressive piece of architecture, beautifully painted by such a famous painter, is something everyone, even those who aren’t religious, will appreciate seeing.

Tours of Rome

When you vacation in Rome, a walking tour of the city can be a great way to see many of the historic sites that date back to the days of the great Roman Empire. If you can find a guided tour, you will have an experienced Italian who is familiar with the history of Italy and can answer all your questions. Some of the sites you can expect to see on one of these tours include the Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, the Roman Forum and the Coliseum.

The Experience

Making a plan is often critical to enjoying a vacation. However, some people would much rather simply take in the sights while they are on vacation. If this describes you, Rome can be an excellent choice for your vacation. Much of what you would like to see is within easy walking distance or available by taxi. If you aren’t into seeing all the typical tourist sites, you can simply walk around the city, eating in the small cafes or restaurants and window shopping for some of Italy’s famous brands.

A vacation in Rome can be whatever you make it into. Some people choose to plan out what they would like to do, such as visit the Vatican City or take a walking tour of Rome to see everything this beautiful city has to offer. Other people prefer to visit Rome for the experience alone, walking the streets, eating the food and shopping in the stores. Rome is the perfect combination of modern and ancient, providing a unique experience.

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