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How Necessary is an Emergency Plumber?

Sewage backups, septic tank breakdowns and drain blockages are just some of those unenviable tasks when you need the help of an emergency plumber. Sewage gas and raw sewage is not only nasty, it is very unhealthy and in some cases lethal. Sewage gas is known to kill. If you have a blockage, clog or other reason causing the drains to stop flowing freely, call a trusted and skilled local plumber to get to the root of the problem.

Many professional plumbers now have state of the art equipment to detect leaks using video cameras and other electronic equipment. This enables minimum damage to your property when the drains or pipes have to be dug up.

The types of systems that the professionals can manage and repair include:

  • Supply of potable water, both hot and cold
  • Septic tank systems
  • Drain waste and venting (DWV) systems
  • Piping for fuel gas (coal gas, propane, butane etc.)
  • Drainage for rainwater, and for surface and underground water

The homeowner and other members of the family should know the location of the shut off valve to your home. If you have a major plumbing emergency, the homeowner should turn off the water mains. There are discrete valves for each and every plumbing fixture in your home. If your emergency is restricted to a particular fixture, turn off the shut off valve to that fixture. In winter pipes often freeze over. If the insulation is insufficient your pipe may freeze in extreme weather. Heat up the pipes slowly to prevent the pipe from cracking. A hair dryer or hot towel can warm up the pipe gradually and melt the water inside. To avoid pipes freezing, winterize your home in the Fall. If that does not work get the help of an emergency plumber.

Plumbers also help to install water heaters and other fixtures and appliances in your home. When you engage a professional make sure the technician is licensed and insured, with proper training. When you are getting a new appliance like a water heater or other piece of equipment installed call in a professional plumber. Effective functioning and proper utility is best obtained when the appliance is properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are getting a whole new water heating system, the plumbing professional can help you choose the right sized equipment for your family needs. A professional would also have best information on technology and whether to install a storage heater or instant water heater. If you are changing the fuel type or capacity consult an emergency plumber. Hemet residents can find skilled professionals in the area for all their plumbing needs.

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