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Seed Grading & Cleaning Equipment Offers Food for Thought

When planting row crops, farmers follow time-tested practices to encourage maximum growth and productivity. Each seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat. Seeds are diverse in size and colour, and unlike animals, plants are limited in their ability to seek out favourable conditions to sustain life and growth. As plants have evolved so also has farming technology and equipment to maximize productivity.

In order to achieve optimum crop yields today’s farmers must combine skills, science, and innovation from the beginning starting with the highest quality seeds. The best seed cleaning and grading systems available today is what Ay Global Incorporated brings to market. Their products enhance crop output by increasing seed quality before planting, plus encourages and ensures increased seed quality in years to come.

This company, established in 2008, is centrally located in Minnesota, U.S.A. Ay Global Seed Cleaning Equipment combines superior quality and leading edge aerodynamic technology that results in increased crop efficiency by 30 to 40%. Argo Yard Separators are competitively priced and energy efficient. It is a company goal to effectively and positively change farmers worldwide sustainability options by providing grain and wheat cleaning equipment in six output options, which vary in ranges from 135 bushels to 3500 bushels per hour.

Ay Global is well aware that agriculture is competitive business. Therefore they strive to help all farmers gain optimum advantage. Their grain cleaning and separating equipment is geared to handle a variety of seeds, including: wheat, soybeans, corn, rice, sunflower, oats, coffee beans, plus others. This company‚Äôs goal is to inform farmers by demonstrating how their product line and seed cleaning technology can benefit their bottom line. Simplicity and flexibility of separating machines “Almaz” helps make them accessible to small farmers or large cooperatives. Users comment on reductions in waste resulting in notably higher yields.

Ay Global technicians and engineers have executed extensive research and product testing on Agro Yard Separating Equipment – which allows farmers to grade, calibrate, and dry product all at the same time. Technical support staff are readily available to answer “set-up” or “how-to” questions. This team strives to build healthy close working relationships with their clients, and proudly displays and demonstrates their separators and seed cleaning equipment to crop producers at numerous farm shows and agricultural fairs.

As population numbers around the world continue to increase today’s farmer is challenged with higher quotas and consumer food demands. It is imperative that every effort to maximize production and efficiency be in place to meet these needs. Ay Global seed cleaning and grading systems were developed with this in mind, and this company is definitely a respectable leader in their field.

For more vital and helpful data on seed cleaning equipment, try: Ayglobal.com.