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Different ways to use rhinestone heat transfers

Rhinestones and all things sparkly are very fashionable right now and are easily purchased on clothes from the store. But, it is also very possible to get your own rhinestone creation made with rhinestone heat transfers that appeal to you and on a wide variety of items. These transfers can be ordered from a number of different companies ranging in cost and style. And depending on size and application methods can go almost anywhere that can take the heat from a home iron or commercial press.

Of course, the one place most people think of as being all sparkled up are T-shirts and there are certainly a variety of possibilities there. Fun little tank tops identifying the members of a bridal party are a popular choice, but this idea could be expanded to a birthday party or other celebration like a quinceanera, anniversary gathering, family reunion, or a christening party. There would be almost no limit on what could be done and these sorts of rhinestone heat transfers are easily purchased from stock supplies by providers or could be custom designed if necessary. Another option might be a T-shirt colored appropriately for a dance team with a logo that all team members would be willing to wear or a drill team for a school. Applied to the right type of top, the rhinestones could even be part of the actual uniform for a girls’ sport team.

Another possibility, though, beyond just a standard T-shirt, would be pants of all kinds. Rhinestone heat transfers can be put on jeans and just standard shorts, pants, or sweat pants. And these designs could range from just a small flourish to practically crusting every inch of material. Pockets on the back of jeans are particularly popular spots for rhinestones and, of course, girls walk around with words across their backsides, which can also be sparkly. Imagine how fun it would be to have a top and pant set that match with the same design or color scheme or a two-part pattern.

Beyond standard clothing items though, you could also decorate a hat or a denim jacket, either to coordinate with an outfit or just for fun. Another option would be a bag, either a purse made out of leather, or just a carry-all for library books or dance class items, as a gift for a souvenir for a particular event or achievement. The possibilities of ways to use rhinestone heat transfers are practically endless, only limited by the ability of the material to take heat for the application.

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