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Depression can lead to serious problems if not treated, but people sometimes don’t even recognize it, and don’t want to see a doctor in this regard. Being sad is a normal behavior of life, but if it becomes a habit it means the person is under depression, especially if he or she stops taking interest in life. There are some symptoms, after diagnosing them you can go for depression cure.

Is it depression?

Here are some depression signs, of which if 5 to 6 prevail, the person is suffering from this disease.

  • When a feeling of guilt appears, and when the person has no hopes.
  • An increased appetite or loss of weight due to not feeling hungry at all.
  • Negative feelings, and being sad all the time, and crying at even smallest things.
  • Feeling tired most of the time.
  • Always feeling sleepy or loss of sleep.
  • Thinking of committing a suicide.
  • Feeling anxious.
  • Loss of happiness.
  • No power of decision and loss of memory or lack of concentration.
  • A person wants to live alone.

Diet treatment:

If balanced diet is taken, it would help to decrease depression, whereas such diet includes, carbohydrates, protein, and fatty acids. Sugar should be avoided, as well as sweets of any kind. In meat, fish should be preferred, as it contains omega3, which is rich in fatty acids. Vitamin B is also essential to deal with it,

Moreover, support groups also help in depression cure, and there are many centers which organized such programs. Getting socialized after taking activities in various events is another therapy to deal with the disease.

Depression Cure – Different diet related cures can be obtained after getting advice from a natural healer, as Dr. Strande who has a clinic in San Diego which is Simply Healing Clinic.