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What Treatments Can You Receive at a Blow Dry Bar?

You can receive a number of beauty or hair treatments at your local Houston blow dry bar where a professional styling team can make you look your best in no time flat. Why not treat yourself to a day out at a blow dry bar?

Hair Styling

Whether you’re having a day out shopping, getting ready for a prom, or just because you feel like treating yourself, a professional blowout will have you looking your best. Wash, condition, and styling of your choice is included in a hair styling blowout. Don’t be afraid to go for something bold at your local blow dry bar in Houston for your special day out on the town.


Consider adding some luxurious curls to add a little flirtatious fun to your day. Indulge yourself and turn every head in the room by having the stylist add some soft, beautiful curls to your look. Go ahead and have fun with it. If you have never tried adding curls to your hair, let the stylist give you some suggestions as to what would look best on you.

Hair Mask

If your hair is in need of some deep conditioning treatment, go ahead and schedule your appointment at your Houston blow dry bar to have a deep moisturizing hair mask. The stylist will apply the mask to your hair, which will improve the overall condition and manageability of your hair. The mask is made up of all-natural ingredients including grape, lemon, shea butter, olive oil, ginseng root, and mandarin extract. This treatment will rehydrate your hair and leave it looking its shiny best.

Other Services

You can also receive other services at your local Houston blow dry bar, including braids and updos. If you are too busy to go to the salon, you can also schedule the stylist to come to you for an additional fee. You may even wish to schedule a time for a party with all your girlfriends where you can all have a time to pamper yourselves with your favorite styling services.

No matter what the occasion, a visit to a local Houston blow dry bar will provide a day to remember. Give yourself some pampering, you work hard and you deserve it. Don’t forget to buy gift certificates for your family and friends who also deserve some special attention.

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