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Get Away From The Tourist Crowds

One of the best ways to get calmed down from all the traffic of the city and tension of work is to find a fishing resort in Reno NV and just let your cares melt away. There are many beautiful lakes in the Reno area, just a couple of hours drive from the San Francisco metro. However, many of these lakes are famous vacation sites and are highly developed to attract many young visitors. Some of these places get so crowded and noisy that visitors are not quite sure if they have left the main city or not. This is the time to consider a more quiet fishing resort in Reno NV. One of the favorite places that will truly give you the time to unwind from the fast paced life is the fishing resort at Topaz Lake in Nevada.

Topaz Lake is close enough to still be accessible for a weekend trip, but far enough away to be quiet and relaxing. It is just a few hours south of Reno, along a quiet highway cutting through the mountains east of Lake Tahoe. Many visitors arrive at dusk and are enchanted by the fairy tale lights of the main resort against the backdrop of the lake and mountains. The charm of the setting is the main attraction for many.

Many couples who want to escape for the weekend without having to pay huge resort rates from some of the more developed tourist areas come to Lake Topaz. The main fishing resort in Reno NV is very reasonable, as are all the food and amenities associated with it. Many people feel it has the perfect balance between luxury and price. It is a favorite of the Reno locals, who themselves are trying to find a quiet place away from the major tourist attractions.

Visitors who think they have found the perfect romantic setting are surprised and delighted again when they visit the main restaurant. The décor is rustic and beautiful with huge picture windows overlooking the lake. All sorts of wonderful meals are served, and finished with the resort specialty deserts.

When visitors retire for the night, they get yet another pleasant surprise: silence. Visitors from the San Francisco area are accustomed to the background noise of traffic and life in the big city, and the quietude of Topaz Lake will be astonishing. However, you will soon get used to the peaceful quiet and find that it soothes you and lets you sleep like you never can in the city.

If you are looking to “get away from it all”, consider a quiet Fishing resort in Reno NV and come to Topaz Lake. Call a fishing resort in Reno NV and find how inexpensive a wonderful weekend can be.