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Using Konad Nail Plates With Ease

Konad nail plates are small metal plates with various designs etched into them. These plates are used to transfer unique designs to the fingernails after they have been painted. Using these plates gives you the look of professionally done nails without having to pay the price that you would at a nail salon. The process of using these plates is very easy, all it takes is a little practice and you will be on your way to professional looking nails in no time. Outlined below are some of the things that you will need to get started with your nail plates.

Before using your Konad nails plates you will need to manicure your nails the same as you normally would. This means washing then using soap and water and filing them. You will then need to push your cuticles back; this is needed if you want the oval shaped nails. Also nail polish must be removed from the nail and any standard polish remover can be used for this. You can then dry the hands to remove any access water. Now you are ready to begin using the plates.

It is always advised that you use a nail strengthener especially if you have long nails to begin with. You must allow this to dry before applying your initial coat of polish as a base. To create the perfect look you will want to apply at least two coast of the base polish and allow them to dry completely. The amount of polish that is needed will depend on the type and color of the polish being used. For example, polish that is sheer may require more coats. Now you are ready for the plates.

When using the Konad nail plates for the first times you should lay something under the nails to protect the table surface – newspaper works just fine. To begin, use Konad nail polish to cover the plate, ensuring that you cover the entire image. Do not be afraid to use too much polish, you want to make sure the polish gets etched into the design. You will need to use the scraper to remove any excess polish from the scraper. The layer of nail polish that you are working with should be thin so that it can dry quickly.

The next stage of using the Konad nail plates is to use your stamper to remove the paint from the plate and apply it to your nail. Once the access paint has been removing the stamper should pick up the design easily and then you can roll it over your nails to create a fun and exciting look. Make sure that you press the stamper firmly onto the nail so that the design is transferred completely. If you don’t press hard enough it may result in only a portion of the design being transferred to the nail. Once you have applied the design from the Konad nail plate you will need to apply a top coat of sheer polish to ensure the design stays in place.

Purchasing your Konad Nail Plates can be simple and is a very cost effective way of getting great looking nails. To find out more about ordering your nail plates let the experts at nailart4less.com assist you.