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The Different Functions of Air Conditioning Units

For many people, air conditioners are simply seen as appliances that can keep you cool during hot days. In fact, a lot of people are surprised to learn that air conditioning units are more than just cooling the air. Here you’ll discover some of the unknown functions of your air conditioning Scottsdale.

The most basic function of AC units is to regulate the temperature in an enclosed space such as your room or automobile. For many people, they associate air conditioning with the capacity of the machine to lower down the air temperature. But contrary to what most of us think, AC units are also capable of providing warm air.

The cooling function of the air conditioning unit works just like the refrigerator. Inside the air conditioner are the major elements that include the coolant, condenser, compressor and the fan. The coolant is a substance that alternately freezes and evaporates making the air humid and cold. Once blown out of the AC unit, the evaporated coolant makes the air dump thereby dissipating the hot air temperature. During hot days, air conditioners would require significant amount of energy to cool the air. Air conditioning Scottsdale can make your home a great place to rest and relax in.

Unlike the cooling function which is inherent to AC units, the heating function requires adding a heat pump. Although some newer models do have built-in heaters, they come with a costly price tag. Unfortunately, the heat that the air conditioner can produce may not be very effective. In fact, if it gets very cold outside, the AC unit may not be able to sufficiently raise the temperature. As such, it may be necessary to use conventional heating device.

Air conditioning Scottsdale can also be used to adjust the humidity of a building. Humidity pertains to the quantity of water that is present in the air circulating around an area. Typically, a very humid air can make you feel uncomfortable because of it makes the skin a little bit moist. High air humidity also tends to suppress the ability of the skin to produce sweat thus altering the body’s natural thermoregulation system. On the other hand, very dry air can also make you extremely uncomfortable as it can easily dry up your skin and mucus membranes.

Air conditioners can dehumidify the air which is very helpful during hot, moist days. It is also very helpful in preventing the growth of mold especially if your home is situated in moist regions. However, there is a separate appliance called dehumidifier, which is specifically intended for the sole purpose of reducing humidity of the air. This appliance is relatively less expensive than air conditioners but is not capable of cooling down the temperature.

Lastly, Air Conditioning Scottsdale supports proper air circulation. Perhaps, you know how important proper air circulation is in preventing the accumulation of contaminants in the air. Furthermore, proper air circulation helps prevent development of unwanted odors inside the home.

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