Eye glasses as Fashion Accessories

The current trends for sunglasses seem to favor the heavy plastic frames, this shall pass in time, but this does illustrate a simple point, eyeglasses are a part of fashion and fashion accessories. As such it’s not that uncommon for people to own multiple pairs of glasses. This might seem strange, why wouldn’t they just get contacts so they don’t have to pick out the right eyeglasses for the right situation. On the other hand for those interested in fashion, glasses provide an extra layer of customization. It’s not for everyone, but people anywhere in the country from CulverCity, to Portland can afford to own multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

It’s up to you if you think it’s worth it but glasses are more popular now than they’ve been in the past, and a good deal of fashion attention has gone into making them look more stylish. Even if you don’t love the thicker frames common on modern glasses you’ll have other options for wire frame etc. The nice part is you do have lots of options, and considering the fact that glasses are pretty affordable (not cheap, but affordable considering what they are) it is possible to get a second pair to compliment a different look or just for a different purpose. You might prefer the look but not the weight of heavier plastic framed glasses, you wear those at work or when you’re out and light wire frames while in.

Why not get contacts? As already commented for those who are fashion conscious contacts offer nothing extra and are instead just a way to hide your need for corrective lenses. That’s fine for some people but not great for others. On the other hand contact lenses can be difficult to put in and take out, require cleaning solutions, and if you lose them, you’re in for a world of agony. They are also only useful for people who need them ALL the time. If you only need glasses while reading or doing work, then it makes sense to get eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. If you’re one of those people who don’t care about fashion and don’t see a reason to buy two pairs consider this: have a pair for work and a pair for home/the car. That way you don’t have to worry about losing your only pair and being functionally blind. This is especially important if you’re one of those people who only needs to use glasses some of the time. It can be beneficial to own more than one pair of eyeglasses whether it’s for fashion or just an admission of your own clumsy nature.

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