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Skip the Appeal with a Properly Filled Out Application

In theory, it is a plan that should work beautifully. Employees pay FICA taxes while they are working, and a portion of those taxes go to fund SSDI, the federally mandated disability insurance program. If a worker, who is under age 65, can no longer work because of a severe long-term disability, that worker is eligible for monthly benefits. For a variety of reasons, however, it has increasingly become the norm that claims for Social Security Disability benefits are routinely denied, especially on the initial application. Reasons for denial run the gambit from decreasing available funds, to loss of employees from the Georgia Disability Determination Services, to unscrupulous individuals who have filed fraudulent claims, but none of those reasons is a very helpful explanation when your legitimate claim is denied. One way to increase the chances that your application will not be summarily denied is by hiring a Georgia Social Security Disability lawyer.

Statistics show that many claims that are denied on the initial application are approved on appeal. One of the reasons for this is because initial applications are missing vital information or are not accurately completed. It can be confusing to try to fill out all of the information that the Social Security Administration asks for when applying for disability benefits. Most first time applicants have never seen the form before, so it is easy for them to make a mistake in filling it out, especially if their disability is such that they are in any kind of pain or taking pain medication. Hiring a Georgia Social Security Disability lawyer to help you fill out the initial application can help to ensure that the form is filled out properly and that all necessary documentation to support your claim is attached. In the end, it could be well worth the money if it saves you from having to launch further appeals if your claim is denied.

Of course, having a Georgia Social Security Disability lawyer is not a guarantee that your claim will be approved on the initial go around. In that case, having a lawyer that can help guide you through the appeals process will also be helpful, especially if that lawyer has been working with you from the very beginning. The peace of mind from having a knowledgeable advocate in your corner, as well as the expertise that your lawyer will bring to the process is more than worth it. If you know that your Social Security disability claim is legitimate, contact a Georgia Social Security Disability lawyer to help guide your application or appeal through Georgia’s Disability Determination Services. Get the justice and the benefits that are your right.

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