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Which Is the Heating System for Your Home?

How do you decide which of the many heating systems available is the best for your home? Do you really want to tear up your floorboards to lay out ducts for a new heating system? Or would you prefer to have a more efficient hot water radiator installed at a less cost? If you are remodeling your home then maybe it is the best time to install your in-floor heating. Whatever your requirement and budget, here’s a comparison of some of the most popular heating systems available to help you make your decision.

Forced Air Systems

These are common in American households. Fuel – this can be natural gas, propane, oil or even an element in an electric furnace – heats the air. If you’re eco-conscious then you can use wood pellets or biomass fuel to run your furnace. When the system’s thermometer suggests that the air inside your home is too cold, a blower blows warm air into your home through vents and ducts. Heat pumps can also enhance the heating capacity of the system.

This system has many advantages. You can program thermostats to suit your requirements. You can have central air conditioning and humidifiers along with the forced air system. However, the filter must be replaced from time to time and can let in spores and other allergens that may cause problems if you have asthmatics in your family. Not the system to install in a home with the floors already laid – unless you don’t mind the cost of laying ducts throughout your home.

Hot Water Systems

Radiators are common in European homes. Hot water pipes carry heat to various parts of the home. Boilers may be heated with traditional fuel or green fuel as desired. For that additional energy efficiency, solar heating can also be used to warm the water in the boiler.

These are energy efficient – they use as much as 30-60% less energy than traditional heating systems. But problems may arise from leaking boilers and pipes that don’t arise in forced-air systems. In addition, pipes will have to be laid out if they don’t already exist.

In-Floor heating

There are no ducts and pipes involved with this kind of system. You can place your furniture any way you like. It’s very flexible – you can place it under the floor covering or fix it to the sub floor. You can also have it cast in a concrete floor slab. The heating elements are either electrical or thin water pipes. They can be dry or wet systems. This is a highly popular kind of heating system today.

Armed with your new knowledge of systems for home heating, Woodland Hills’ professionals should be your next stop. Ask for the estimates of installation, and compare costs for maintenance. Find out which is the best heating system for you, and give your family a warm and safe winter.

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