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How To Go About Filing Chapter 13 In Los Angeles For Debtors

There are many steps to go through when an individual is planning on filing chapter 13 in Los Angeles and though these steps may be tedious they are often necessary for people to get out of debt. A case for chapter 13 begins by getting a petition filed with a bankruptcy court in the area of Los Angeles. During this filing process a debtor has to also file their schedules of liabilities and assets as well as the income and expenditures they currently have. The debtor also must have a schedule denoting executor contracts as well as unexpired leases and a financial affairs statement to give to the court. These are the main things that a debtor must have but there are also many other forms as well.

Are There Any Fees For Filing Chapter 13 In Los Angeles For Individuals

There are a couple of fees that an individual that is planning on filing chapter 13 in Los Angeles must meet in order to successfully complete the process. One of these fees is called a case filing fee. The amount of this fee is currently $235 in the state of California. In addition one must also pay a miscellaneous administrative bill which will cost about $46 in the Los Angeles area. Though these fees can be a lot to someone who is already going through debt, they are worth it to get your debt wiped clean.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Lawyer That Handles Chapter 13 In Los Angeles

When it comes to finding a lawyer to work your chapter 13 in Los Angeles you should know that it can be a tedious job to find a good one. In regards to this, it is important to thoroughly check the credentials of any lawyer that you may try to hire for the job of wiping your debt clean. In addition to checking credentials it is also important that your lawyer has adequately engaged in cases in the past to help people with their debt problems. It is very necessary to know something about your lawyer’s case history before letting them handle your case.

Where Can An Individual Find A Lawyer To File Chapter 13 In Los Angeles

To get a good lawyer to handle your chapter 13 in Los Angeles it helps to know where to find one. This can be accomplished through many methods including online methods as well as asking a person you may know who has gone through this situation before. Checking online to find a lawyer may be one of the best things to do because you may be able to read reviews on them.

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