An ADT Alarm can save Lives and Protect Property

An ADT alarm and a 19 year old ADT Security Services trainee saved a house from being burnt down along with the dog that had triggered the fire. This is just one among the million instances where someone has been saved by an ADT alarm. A fire can break out any time in your house. It usually happens in the dead of the night when every body is asleep or when there’s nobody in the house.

Fire alarms can save lives and property from fire. They come in a variety of designs. They are installed based on the needs of individual buildings. From you home to big commercial buildings each one needs its own fire alarm system. These systems are generally designed by specialty fire alarm manufacturers. The ADT alarm is one of the most reliable fire alarm systems available.

Such an ADT alarm functions in the following way:

  • The whole system had a central control panel, which houses monitoring and control devices that are connected to the peripheral components either with wires or wirelessly.
  • The control panel is powered by the home power supply. It also has an alternate power backup of rechargeable batteries to support the system in case of power cuts.
  • The alarm can be set off manually by pushing the panic button or when the smoke and heat detectors sense some and abnormally high temperatures.
  • Upon activation of the alarm the system alerts the occupants of the house to evacuate the building by sounding a siren or buzzer. An ADT alarm sounds the siren as well as sends signals to its off-site monitoring centers.
  • The personnel at the monitoring signal calls up the residence phone to double check if it was just a false alarm and also call up the home owner on his/her cell phone if he cannot be contacted at home.
  • If it is not a false alarm the remote monitoring personnel also calls up the nearest fire department. All this is done in matter of minutes.

The fire alarm is just like the burglar alarm and it is equipped with smoke detectors. When it detects a fire or smoke it will sound an alarm and alert you and the responding agencies trough the monitoring centers which may be located thousands of miles away. The monitoring centers are manned by trained personnel ready to respond at every distress signal. To know more about such systems that will safeguard your house you may visit ADS Security, Inc.

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