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Fashionable Tips for Women’s Clothing in Miami, FL

It is a well known fact that women and fashion are technically inseparable. Women tend to have an instinctive sense of fashion and they seldom go wrong with their dressing sense. However, there are times when some of the biggest fashionistas go wrong with women’s clothing in Miami, FL. Some of the most common reasons for such blunders are the negligence of body shape and structure.

An appropriate and aesthetic dressing sense requires an acute awareness of one’s figure type. Every woman has certain positive points and certain negative points in their body and a proper sense of women’s clothing in Miami, FL, helps in accentuating the figure highlights and at the same time, also covers all the possible flaws. Listed below are certain pointers that will help in categorizing women’s clothing in Miami, FL, based on the type of body and figure.

Pear Shaped Women

These are women tend to be heavier on the hips and the lower parts of the body but their upper portion is not equivalently broad. This is why it is necessary for such women to choose clothing that specifically accentuates their upper body and takes the focus away from their lower body. It is also better if they choose darker colors as dark colors tend to have a slimming effect. Moreover, wrap dresses, along with printed shirts and tops, V-necks and straight skirts are ideal for such a structure.

Apple Shaped Women

This type of structure is quite the opposite of the pear-shape structure. Women with such a body shape generally tend to have a heavier upper body with a bulky waist line and bust line. This makes it essential for them to be extremely careful when choosing tops and shirts. While a V-neck is said to be the most ideal for them, a jacket helps in giving their waist line a toned-down look, thereby making them look comparatively slimmer.

Petite Figure

Women of this type are generally short and this fact requires them to choose clothes that will help in making them look comparatively taller or elongated. While V-necks and U-necks are suitable, the type of fabric used for the clothing should be extremely light in weight and must flow. Such women should also avoid wearing short skirts and flashy jewelery.

Rectangle and Hourglass Shaped Women

Rectangle shaped women have a great body structure with a slim built and a slender appearance. This gives them the freedom to wear gypsy and full skirts and even patterns and dresses of different types. Hourglass shaped women, on the other hand, have a figure that is not only toned but also curvaceous. They generally do not have much to worry about when it comes to dressing, but fitted jeans, straight trousers and halters do tend to give an additional highlight to their figure.

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