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The world of fashion design has been fascinating to people because to the glamor attached to it. Fashion design is basically the art of applying design and aesthetics to accessories and clothes. It was as early as 19th century when the dresses worn by women in the royal courts influenced the designs. Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer in history who had his own house of fashion in Paris. People were highly influenced by his designs and called them as the “House of Worth” designs. This is how a brand and a designer went hand in hand with each other. Fashion Designs in New York, NY are considered as one of the best as New York is climbing the ladder to become the world’s first fashion capital.

Though fashion never goes out of style, designers have to keep changing their designs, keeping the season and current fashion trends in mind. The designing process is a long and hectic process which requires the designer to put in a lot of hard work. Typically, this process might take around 18 to 24 months depending upon the strength of the company. The Fashion Designs in New York, NY usually belong to three main categories: Haute couture: Garments are made according to specific client needs and wants. It is time-consuming compared to other categories as a lot of detailing and finishing is required. The final fit and look of the outfit is given importance over the time taken and cost incurred to make it.

Ready-to-wear: Though it is not made for an individual customer, the cut and choice of the fabric is given importance. In order to maintain it’s exclusivity, they are produced in small quantities. Fashion houses usually present ready-to-wear collections during their Fashion Week, which happens twice in a year in different cities.

Mass market: A large number of customers from the mass market account for the sales of a design. Sometimes, mock versions of a well known designer’s garments are sold at a lesser value. Cheap fabrics and simple production techniques are used to save time and money.

Fashion Designs in New York, NY mainly consists of urban, casual and clean-cut style which reflects the health-conscious lifestyles of the Americans. A large number of America’s fashion houses are based in New York. Here, the designers explore themselves and find their individualistic style.

Fashion Designs New York, NY Due to the Fashion Designs of New York, NY, it was voted as the capital city of fashion trends for five consecutive years.