The Importance of Having Your Pet Groomed

Every good pet owner in Louisville, Kentucky knows that a well-groomed pet is a happy pet. Keeping your dog groomed ensures that they look and feel good, but it also saves you the stress of things that go above and beyond the common bath, such as nail trimming, removing hair from the ear and eye area, expressing the anal glands, and other essentials. What benefits does your pet reap from being groomed? Although pet grooming can involve different things for different dogs, there are a few key denominators.

First, pet groomers in Louisville, Kentucky have grooming down to a precise art. They handle pet grooming tools with dexterity and expertise to ensure that your dog isn’t injured while being groomed. When your pet’s hair starts getting too long, it will often become matted and tangled, which, if untreated, could lead to having to cut off the fur down to the skin because it becomes impossible to work the tangles out. People often don’t understand that matting can be physically painful to a dog, as well, and mats also make an ideal place for fleas and odors to hide while leaving the skin underneath vulnerable to fungus and other disease.

Second, pet grooming professionals are master clippers. They are highly skilled at cutting the hair that grows in between and around your pet’s nails and other “essential” places. Dirt gets caught in these places, and if you have ever tried to clip them yourself, you have probably come to find out that getting the dog to cooperate is often much harder than the actual trimming. Professional pet grooming in Louisville, Kentucky uses the necessary equipment and hands-on expertise to ensure safety and comfort throughout the pet grooming process.

Third, pet grooming involves a lot of hair brushing. This is an important aspect of grooming. If you do not properly brush your pet’s hair regularly, it will mat. For short-haired dogs, brushing is also important to remove dead or excess hair and skin for optimal health for your dog’s coat and scent. A pet groomer in Louisville, Kentucky can give you a specific regimen to follow in between grooming appointments so that your pet’s coat will be as shiny and healthy as ever, all of the time.

Lastly, pet care can sometimes be pretty pricey, though prevention such as pet grooming and regular vet visits can ultimately keep costs down. This is why having your pet groomed by a professional in Louisville, Kentucky is a better idea than DIY care. They have the skills and techniques to ensure that everything that needs to be done is done without accidentally hurting your pet. Improper or skipped grooming can cause your dog more than a little discomfort, and a professional pet grooming service can make sure they look and feel (and smell) their very best.

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