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Solar Solutions: Solar Garden Stakes and Other Outside Lighting

Solar power might not have changed the world yet, it’s currently difficult to do much in terms of large scale operations with solar power, and the applications as a means to power the world are currently lagging behind hopes and dreams. And while it may not hold the current solution to the problem of clean and reliable energy, it has provided small benefits to individuals in their personal lives. One example would be solar garden stakes. These are simple tools, they’re just solar panels connected to batteries to power an LED on the end of a stick that can be posted into the ground.

Solar garden stakes won’t revolutionize the world, but they do make certain things much easier and more affordable. If you wanted to light an outdoor path you had to either run wiring across the ground or pay to have lighting or at least an outlet for it installed on the exterior of your house. The first option tended to look bad, and the second option tended to cost a lot. Solar garden stakes allow you to easily and cheaply put those lights outside. They also allow you to move them around if you want.

Why would you want to do this? If the purpose of this article is to talk about the small ways solar power has made life better, how does this make life better? In small ways mostly, but they have a lot of applications. One simple one is to illuminate a path, and not just the front walk or something like that, but instead the driveway. If you live with a long nasty driveway being able to light it for guests (or yourself) at night can be a relief for them especially if they have to back out. The solar garden stakes can also be used for an outdoor party to provide basic lighting at some distance from the house.

Solar garden stakes aren’t the only consumer application of solar power. There are solar powered battery chargers that you can use to put a charge on a car battery or something similar. You can get a lot of different things with solar power, the real strength of these isn’t the environmental aspect, though that is a concern, but instead the benefit to portability and cost. Without having to pay for batteries or the like you can save a lot on any sort of portable or remote lighting that gets extensive use. So while solar power might not have changed the world, with small inventions like solar garden stakes or solar battery chargers it has improved the world.

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