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Have you given thought to titanium dental implants?

Lost tooth, which could be because of reasons such as decay or old age is no big problem, with dental implants to the rescue. Most standard dental insurance policies generally cover the basic aspects and treatments such as check ups, x-rays, root filing, but inclusion of dental implants in the insurance policy is quite rare. But this does not mean that you start worrying, as there are quite a few insurance policies that do include dental implants for Port Huron, MI residents.

Dental implants though of good help, can also set you back by expensive bills. You can always opt for insurances meant to cover dental implant charges, but it might not be the best of the options. There are still other better inexpensive options as well. One of such methods is the usage of titanium dental implants. Titanium implants have turned out be the most commonly used of the treatments for replacement of missing teeth.

The most popular of the dental implants method in Port Huron, MI, is the root implant, better known as the endostal, which is an imitation to the natural root. The surgical procedure of implant hardly takes any time, just a couple of days for complete healing. Once the implants are in place, these can support an entire bridge or even a single tooth with same ease.

Why is titanium so popular for dental implants?

The good reasons as to why titanium is so popular is along list. The lightweight of titanium always gives it an added advantage of other metals used for dental implants. Thanks to its inert nature, titanium metal does not react chemically, unlike other metals which greatly affects the dental hygiene. The best part about titanium metal is that it easily combines with the bone. The titanium dental implants are devoid of any animate tissues, which reduces the risk of rejection by the human body.

Being compatible with the bones and oral tissues titanium remains the most preferred options, when it comes to looking for the best metal for dental implants. Most commonly titanium dental implants available in Port Huron, MI, are of 4 major types, depending on the carbon and iron concentrations. But more recently, even the fifth type is doing the rounds in the market. Also the fact that titanium is much stronger and fracture resistant than other metals is something that works in its favour.

Dental implants Port Huron MI Dr. John Tomiuk of Port Huron MI provides expert dental implant treatment solution for the replacement of missing teeth.